Art Spectacles


" My mission is to create art performances by connecting and fusing the world's music and dance heritage with the language of the spectacle; from traditional rhythms, to hybrid art forms, to urgent and current social issues"



Sara Masiello Rubano is a world performer, singer, choreographer and lyricist who works under the name "SaraisarArt".  She is considered one of the pioneers of the salsa movement in Zurich and contributes to the spread of popular world music and dance arts.

Sara grew up in Switzerland and comes from a traditional and musical immigrant family. From an early age, she devoted herself to various artstic disciplines such as dancing, singing, making music and drawing. In the course of her life, she turned primarily to the art forms flamenco and salsa. "If I would not have had freedom in my childhood to express myself through arts, my performances would't exist today", she states. "My perfomances are based from daily life experiences and descend directly from my family heritage", she continues.

Soon she is asked to join one of the first professional salsa dance schools, the "Salsacademy" in Zurich. At that time the Salsa movement was at its peak.  This opportunity gave her the chance to practice her dance skills to develop and deepen her dance and musical talents. She started her first important public work in the club "el Cubanito", which was not only one of the most renowned music clubs in Zurich but also worldwide. In addition to the main attractions such as "Tropicalismo" and "Soul heat", El Cubanito was the venue for various national and international events, congresses and concerts, in which Sara took part. Sometime later she started working as a professional salsa and flamenco solo and couple dancer in many other music clubs in Switzerland, such as the music club and restaurant "Copacabana" in Zurich. Here she worked as a "Copa Girl", as a performer and animation dancer. She has also worked with other dance schools and participated in various music festivals. This enabled her to get to know many different styles from other cultures. An important step for Sara is her examination of the role of women in Latin American couple dance; she is committed to the role of women and develops special women's freestyle movements and programs that defend the position of women. Through these experiences and her early beginnings within the Salsa company "Salsa queens" she gets the necessary knowledge to develop her main skills. Her style, however, is strongly influenced by the musical influences and dances of the whole world, so that she was able to give form and shape to her unique style.

Her intensive and meticulous study makes her a kind of complete performer. “Music and dance for me is universal and can’t be categorize: every intent to found the real origin would be lost. What is more important to me is the right transmission that takes place during the performance and the comunication between arts and the people.“ 

She currently travels throughout the country both as a solo artist and with her dance ensemble. Sara and her  arts troupe “Art Spectacles” perform wherever they have the opportunity and where the original music can merge with modern refined art. Examples are weddings, parties, and festivals. She also initiates and collaborates in various socio-cultural projects in Switzerland and worldwide. When she is not performing, she is involved in new productions or spends time with her family in Zurich. "I have to return to my isolated refuge, because only there I can recreate and live truly the experience of my life which is reflected in my dances and music." While Sara's life is more different from that of her ancestors, something fundamental remains when she studies foreign influences and perfects her performances; this knowledge and adaptation constantly drives her shows to spread and promote the heritage of popular music and dance worldwide.

Art Spectacles Saraisarart


As a counterpoint to her creative work as a solo artist, Sara founded her "Art Spectacles Dance Company" in 2012, in which she works as a principal dancer and artistic director in the modern interpretation of world art.

Art Spectacles


"Art Spectacles" is a neutral company dedicated to promoting cultural exchange between Switzerland and other countries.

Through dances and music, the "Art Spectacles” company recreates the most popular music and dance genres in the world, bringing in elements of Latin and Cuban style, gypsy flamenco and also Arabic elements, without at the same time losing the connection to the traditional world cultural heritage.

Since its inception, the dance company "Art Spectacles" has been motivating and inspiring audiences by creating shows with unchanging passion and to change cultural needs.

Art Spectacles


The individual artists of the company merge their solos with Sara Masiello Rubano, refining the individual dance steps. However, she leaves the traditional roots of the dancer's creative freedom, which makes the "Art Spectacles SaraisarArt" unique in the world of Salsa, Flamenco and other popular world arts.

The unique and experienced performers are an emotional element in a complicated and symbiotic relationship between music, body language and the profound poetry of the lyrics. Here the performances of the different artists from different nationalities become a living spectacle with past, present, and future. This broad cultural mix enables the performances to embody the various influences of world music and dance.

Art Spectacles


"World music" is often used in worthless contexts of meaning and used as a time-saver in marketing. With her productions, Sara Masiello Rubano wants to contribute to understanding people by promoting performances that truly transcend all boundaries. In this sense, the spectacular and unique productions include classical comedies, dramas, farces, and even self-productions. One example is the commercial music and dance genre known as salsa. Since its emergence in the mid-1960s, salsa has gained worldwide popularity, attracting dancers not only in Latin American communities but also in countries such as Japan and Sweden. Stylistically, Salsa is a reinterpretation and modernization of Cuban dance music styles.

The diversity of the productions is important and makes high demands on the artistic work, that is why we present a new, exciting and discoverable production every year. These productions are not only based on the constant search for perfection but also constantly refine and work on the global changes of the world, using and communicating with the language of artistic performance.





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